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The Philmore Graham Story - A Documentary Film

About Philmore

What if I told you heroes aren’t born, they’re made. Made from humble beginnings, hard work, tutelage and determination.

On August 29, 1938 in Laurinburg, North Carolina, a child was fashioned on this sturdy base. The ninth of ten children, Philmore Graham entered this world with work to do. His obligation to himself and his family was to channel the contempt of his surroundings into something that would transform his destiny from one of acceptance, to one of duty.  This directive of duty set in motion the task of not simply being better and elevating his family into a more suitable situation… it went further.  Philmore’s summons was to be the best. Period.



This configuration of success is nothing new and those who posses these qualities have seen the bed of roses, the life of Riley since the beginnings of man.  For Philmore, this formula gained entrance into the United States Air Force as a commissioned officer and project manager for the Titan and Atlas Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles program and procured his greatest success to date… the hand of JaMella Nelson as his life partner on this incredible journey.

Surpassing the desire of his peers and community, he lead by example as class president from eighth grade to high school, culminating with a straight ‘A’ average.  Memories of hard work in the fields and factories of Laurinburg manifested as a thirst for knowledge in the disciplines of mechanical and metallurgical engineering.

In his pursuit, Philmore claimed the halls of Tennessee State, UCLA and UC Berkley as his training grounds for his profession… and the four principals of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity; Manhood, Scholarship, Uplift and Perseverance for his lifework.

In scientific or engineering terms, the makings of a hero have now been cultivated and constructed.


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Most would think if any person described in this manner could maintain what they’ve earned at this point, a full life had been realized.  For Philmore Graham, this was just the beginning.  Follow as we pull back a cloak tinted with modesty, perseverance, instruction and determination to reveal a man who was more than a sum of all his parts.  Philmore Graham was extra-ordinary.  As our journey will corroborate, Philmore Graham was born… but as the testimonials of the thousands he touched will prove, a hero endured.


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